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Membership now open to all
Lastest newsletter posted February 12th second class
New Outing To Merchants House Marlborough
Lectures added

The Bath Centre for National Trust (BCNT) is a voluntary association which was founded in 1977 to promote and publicise the work of the Trust and has about 500 members. Membership is open to all who support these aims and it is no longer necessary to belong to the National Trust.

To enjoy lectures, outings, lunches and meet new friends, why not join us? You will be assured of a very warm welcome. Annual membership is £7 per person. Subscriptions are renewable on 1 April each year. To enquire or request a membership application form click the Enquiries button.

The Centre organises many activities including

  • afternoon lectures - click the "Lectures 2015" button.
  • day outings (to Trust and other properties) - click the "Day Outings 2015" buttons
  • other social events  which include a Spring and Autumn lunch
  • to see the range and scale of activities for 2010 to 2014 click the "Previous year activities" button

Why not join us and participate in those activities?

The surplus from those activities is used to fund a variety of projects in houses, countryside, and coastal regions owned by the NT. The 2013/14 surplus, £5250, was used as follows
      £3000 to Lacock towards the setting up of a conservation laboratory - see the thank you below
      £1250 to purchase an oak settle for Great Chalfield
      £1000 towards roof repairs at Dyrham.

The surplus for 2104 has been given to the following properties
    £500 to Dyrham Park for seat perches for the woodand walk
    £500 to Great Chalfield for a wooden bench in the garden
    £400 to The Courts for terracotta planters
    £2400 to Bath Skyline for a style on the proposed short cut to Smallcombe Cemetery
    £500 to Avebury for a time line panel
    £625 to Montacute to replace the access ramp

The donations made by the Bath Centre total £245,175 to date.

This is the thanks from Lacock

In 2012 we donated the money for six tulip trees for Barrington Court. Two committee members participated in planting the six trees in mid-February assisted by the Head Gardener. This picture shows the planting of one of the trees.