COVID-19(Coronavirus) Update 15th June

In order to comply with the ban on all social gatherings announced by the Prime Minister at 8.30pm 23 March, BCNT announced the immediate suspension of all of our scheduled activities until further notice. We know that, at this time of unprecedented national and international crisis, this is in the best interests of all of us and of the wider public at large. But we are also mindful that, for many of us, BCNT plays a crucial part in our social lives and this suspension of activities will increase the sense of isolation that many us will experience in the coming weeks. 

Please could we ask that you stay in touch with one another and support one another by letter, email or telephone. In particular, if you know of any BCNT member who does not have internet access, could we please ask that you contact them to keep them up to date with alterations to our programme. Please rest assured that we will resume our programme of events and activities as soon as we are allowed to do so. 

Regretfully BCNT has had to cancel all outings for 2020, the Cream Tea and the Quiz. It has also not been possible to rearrange the Spring Lunch in the autumn. Refunds will be made in full for all of these activities. Where cheques have already been cashed, the Treasurer will issue a refund cheque. This process may take a while as there are a large number of refunds due and all cheques have to be signed by two committee members. Where cheques have not been cashed then the organiser for that activity will be in touch with those members affected. 

Everyone on the Committee wishes you all the very best for the coming weeks. Please take good care of yourselves. We hope to see you all again at some point in the near future.

Regular updates will be made to this website page as necessary.

Bath Centre Membership Renewals - we are grateful to our loyal members who have renewed their membership but are aware that many members have been unable to renew their membership at this time for a variety of reasons all connected with the Covid 19 situation. 

The committee have agreed to extend the period of membership for a period of one year ie until the end of March 2022 ie two years for the price of one. Membership will be deemed to have lapsed for any member who does not renew their membership by the end of August 2020.

National Trust News

Owing to the unprecedented situation the National Trust are offering discounts on membership renewals. For further information see NT Membership

All National Trust gated gardens and parks have been closed from midnight on Saturday 21 March. Some open countryside and coastal properties remain open with free car parking. The National Trust are now starting to open up some gardens and parks on a limited basis where social distancing is possible and where access has bene booked in advance. For the latest information on access and how to book please see their website National Trust

The Bath Centre for National Trust (BCNT) is a voluntary association which was founded in 1977 to promote and publicise the work of the Trust and has about 300 members. Membership is open to all who support these aims and it is no longer necessary to belong to the National Trust.

To enjoy lectures, outings, lunches and meet new friends, why not join us? You will be assured of a very warm welcome. Annual membership is £7 per person. There will be an additional charge of £4 per household, per annum, for those who require printed versions of the newsletter.  Subscriptions are renewable on 1 April each year. To enquire or request a membership application form click the Enquiries button.

The Centre organises many activities including

  • afternoon lectures - click the "Lectures" tab.
  • day outings (to Trust and other properties) - click the "Day Outings" tab
  • other social events  which include a Spring and Autumn lunch
  • to see the range and scale of activities for prior years click the "Previous year activities" button

Why not join us and participate in those activities?

The surplus from those activities is used to fund a variety of projects in houses, countryside, and coastal regions owned by the NT. The donations made in 2019 are

    a. Dyrham Park - £3800 for an all terrain vehicle.

    b. Tyntesfield  - £1375 to facility visits from children from local schools.

    c. Avebury Manor - £1000 to improve the facilities for family visitors.

The donations made by the Bath Centre total £273,660 to date.